Course Contents

Generally, lessons are ninety minutes to two hours in length.

Odd numbered Lessons are for Math; even numbered Lessons are for Verbal, as follows:

Course Syllabus
Lesson #                    Topic
1Arithmetic & Algebra I; Intro to Logic
2Sentence Completion; RootWords
4Reading Comprehension I; Word Families
5Remainders, Ratios, Functions, Profit & “Vision”
6Reading Comprehension II & Building Vocabulary
7Averages; Number Properties
8Better Reading Comprehension; Short Passages
9Prices, Shares, Combinations, Rates, Symbolism& Exponents
10Timed Full Verbal Sections and Test Day Strategies
11Backsolving, Graphs, Sets & Multiple Variable Answers
12Mastering Reading Comprehension& Short Verbal Strategy Review
Bonus: Crosswords
13Complex functions, Absolute Value
14Game Planning & Final Verbal Strategies
Vocabulary P-S

With the exception of drills and games created by Ivy Bound, all materials are from actual released SATs, which are licensed/purchased for each student. Since laws prevent makers of the SAT from changing the general content of the test or its format without informing the public, students can be assured that they are using the most appropriate study materials possible. No other materials are necessary.

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