Stop Bowing to Common Core

The genesis of Common Core is “No Child Left Behind”.  NCLB was meant to address mediocre schools and NCLB has been a failure.   13 years later, the majority of mediocre schools then have not lifted their students to academic Read More >>

The Virtues of an Independent
College Counselor

We want to make sure you know the virtues of independent college counselors. Very few public schools have counselors dedicated to college admissions. And almost none have people steeped in college financial planning. Enter independent counselors. These professionals are dedicated Read More >>

NOT too Early to Start SAT/ACT Prep

Why the Summer Before Junior Year is NOT too Early to Start ACT/SAT Prep By: The Ivy Bound Test Prep team Publication permission granted so long as the name and URL are included. Most parents who have done this with Read More >>

SAT, PSAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests
A Primer for Beginners

Though top schools have become more competitive, kids tend to be better able to grapple with these processes and pressures than most of us were when we applied to college. Little has changed about the process: testing in the junior Read More >>

Early Admissions Edge is Real

Note: This is being re-published for Ivy Bound students and parents. The content is still valid in 2014-15 but is even more severe. The admission odds are slimmer, and the 100 point advantage was based on a 1600 scale, implying Read More >>

College Prep Suggestions

I. Suggestions for Freshman Year: Enjoy yourself. Take advantage of a broad range of courses if you can. That helps propel you to internships, summer jobs, and eventually colleges that coincide with what you really like. There is no need Read More >>

Resources for Maximizing Test Scores

Most of these resources are free of charge, as part of the full Ivy Bound program. Students who can take advantage of one or more are likely to score even higher. ACT Test Strategy Conference Calls – the Sunday night Read More >>

Class of 2016 & 2017 SAT approach

The difference between a “1600” top SAT score and a “2400” owes to the addition of “Writing” in 2005. The SAT has a 2400 as a top score, whereas 1600 was the top SAT I score through January 2005. The Read More >>

Getting a Top SAT Score

Why Strong Students Do Not Always Lock In High SAT Scores, And How to Change That While there remains a strong correlation between high grades and high SAT scores, it is especially exasperating for parents to see their diligent teens Read More >>

ACT vs SAT for LD

ACT vs SAT for Students with Learning Differences Both the ACT and the SAT present both obstacles and opportunities for students with learning differences. This article attempts to let parents and counselors know what to expect of these two college Read More >>

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