Why Colleges Overweight the SAT and ACT

Posted on October 27th, 2014

Why Colleges Overweight the SAT and ACT by Mark Greenstein. Founder and Lead Instructor of Ivy Bound Many competitive colleges now make one ACT or SAT score, taken on a single day, nearly equal in weight to a GPA earned Read More >>

Gap Year = Fulfillment and Success

Posted on October 21st, 2014

Gap year = fulfillment and success. Not a “13th floor”, but a foundation. Another anxious parent expressed to me a personal desire to see his son do a post-high-school “Gap Year”, but faces opposition from the some-what aimless son. Allow Read More >>

The Appropriateness of Writing Prep for the SAT

Posted on October 16th, 2014

Some students do not need to prep for the Writing. The University of California Schools, and about 60 other colleges will scrutinize the SAT I Writing scores for this year’s applicants. All but three of the colleges scrutinizing Writing are Read More >>

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