Stop Bowing to Common Core III

This article is part of a series. Please review Mark’s first and second post regarding Common Core.   Right now, April 2015, the SAT (a GOOD test, one that lets students elevate themselves) is bowing to Common Core. The College Read More >>

Stop Bowing to Common Core II

This article is a continuation from Mark’s original post regarding Common Core.   The most injurious aspect of Common Core is how a desire to help the weakest students is punishing ALL students. The roots of Common Core were to Read More >>

SAT Success: The Affluence Debate

In response to Why the SAT Isn’t a ‘Student Affluence Test’, Mark Greenstein, founder of Ivy Bound Test Prep wrote:   Charles Murray’s analysis debunking the “affluence” causing SAT success looks sound. I can go further and point to the Read More >>

SAT Success: Class of 2017-18 Approach

How the Class of 2017 and 2018 should approach the Changing SAT — by Mark Greenstein & Ivy Bound’s Senior Instructors, April 2015 The difference between a “1600” top SAT score and a “2400” will go away starting in March Read More >>

Are Ivy League Admissions A Sham?

In response to Ivy League Admissions Are a Sham: Confessions of a Harvard Gatekeeper,Mark Greenstein, founder of Ivy Bound Test Prep wrote:   Yes, there are elements of the Ivy League admissions process that could use reform, but the author Read More >>

If I could speak with The College Board

By Mark Greenstein, Test Prep Advisor and Advocate for meritorious students. Some of us who guide students object to the SAT change because it is ending a standard. The SAT has been a very good standard for 40 years, and Read More >>

The SAT Should Not Change Abruptly

We who advise high school students object to the abruptness of the SAT change; The College Board has been GREAT at giving good practice tests in the past.  This allowed ambitious students to build their skills for the SAT and to Read More >>

The Benefits of Hiring a Tutor Early

Starting early is an excellent idea; at my firm, Ivy Bound, we have 8th and 9th graders prepping with us each summer. If not at the very beginning, I also encourage parents to hire a tutor at some point during Read More >>

Stop Bowing to Common Core

The genesis of Common Core is “No Child Left Behind”.  NCLB was meant to address mediocre schools and NCLB has been a failure.   13 years later, the majority of mediocre schools then have not lifted their students to academic Read More >>

The Virtues of an Independent College Counselor

We want to make sure you know the virtues of independent college counselors. Very few public schools have counselors dedicated to college admissions. And almost none have people steeped in college financial planning. Enter independent counselors. These professionals are dedicated Read More >>

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