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High school athletes these days have a lot to deal with: rigorous classes, packed schedules, and a college-admissions atmosphere that grows more competitive each year. We at Ivy Bound are here to help. Over the past decade, Ivy Bound has helped thousands of high school students throughout the country to achieve success on the SAT and ACT, propelling them to better colleges better merit scholarship awards. In recognition of the challenges high school athletes face, we at Ivy Bound have crafted an SAT/ACT program specifically designed to meet the needs of student athletes. We have canvassed Ivy Bound’s fleet of highly-qualified instructors and selected the few who best know how to relate to high school athletes. Starting in 2011, COACHES from Ivy Bound is proud to offer our fully customizable SAT/ACT classes in the New York City metro area, Connecticut, and the Boston metro area.

Unparalleled Convenience:

SAT/ACT prep classes are too often a logistical nightmare for high school athletes: classes tend to conflict with practice and other extracurriculars. And even if they don’t conflict, students rush to get to class and arrive exhausted, more eager to nap than to absorb strategies that will help them on the formidable SAT/ACT. COACHES from Ivy Bound bypasses these logistical difficulties by enrolling the entire team in a single prep class, one whose schedule does not conflict with practice. For added convenience, we hold class in a central location, either at school or at one of the student’s homes (our instructor brings a whiteboard). Our coordinators work with you to make sure everything runs smoothly and meets your athletes’ needs.

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