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Thank you for your interest in Ivy Bound’s GMAT program. Ivy Bound enlists talented tutors who have taken the GMAT and scored in the top 2%. All have a flair for teaching and make it their business to know the test. Our most seasoned instructors take the GMAT and/or the LSAT every 18 months. Ivy Bound does not craft its own sample GMAT questions. Our instructors work with students using official GMAT materials and some supplements.

A tutor has great value when a student needs to start from scratch.  Ivy Bound’s GMAT tutors personalize the instruction: invoking more for certain skills, and less for others, as needed.

When a student is already strong and is primarily self-studying, a GMAT tutor is still helpful for SAVING TIME:  a student who is over-thinking GMAT problems can get a clear straight-on explanation form the tutor; a student who is not comprehending well the GMAT’s own explanations will get a tutor to give an alternate, clearer explanation.   A student needing just Math help will have a tutor who can create new Math problems to simulate tough GMAT questions.

A tutor will save study time by getting to the heart of what is missing. A tutor will often fashion a strategy for a student who is making errors on similar questions. Time is money and our students find that GMAT prep with a tutor is money well spent. Students who wish to economize can enlist a second student for semi-private tutoring. Ivy Bound urges that the second student be similar in abilities and have the same available schedule for tutoring.

The rewards for graduation from a top-tier MBA program versus a middle-tier program are huge in terms of status, earnings, and opportunities. Our students routinely garner the scores that impress top tier admission committees. Fair or not, the GMAT is a large factor in business school admissions. Given a comparable GPA as other applicants with similar backgrounds, the majority of the admit/deny decision is then based on the GMAT.

Ivy Bound instructors help build skills for all GMAT questions.

The GMAT scale is 200 – 800, with 520 as the nationwide mean. Scoring a 700 is what puts most students in the running for a “Top 20” MBA program.

Climbing to the 700 level takes WORK. GMAT skills rarely come naturally, and rarely mimic skills developed in the undergrad course work. Thus we ask students to treat the GMAT as a BRAND NEW endeavor, and to be prepared to learn skills not tested on SAT or tested in their college studies.

A GMAT score is good for five years; thus, young adults looking for admission after two to four years of work might still wish to take the GMAT now, when they likely have more study time. Students currently in college often have a ripe ability to excel at new tests, whereas those several years out of college have less of the ability if they have not been engaged in these skills.

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