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Thank you for your interest in Ivy Bound’s GRE program. The rewards for graduating from a top-tier Grad School versus a less-prestigious one are huge ($5,000,000+ earnings capacity with top firms over a thirty year career). Our students routinely garner the scores that impress top tier admission committees. hagerC

The GRE is a test of acquired skills. Demonstrating basic math, logical reasoning, critical reading, and persuasive writing, all in a fast-paced test, takes WORK for most students. Ivy Bound instructors provide students with the skills they might not have been taught in college for success on the GRE. We teach TO THE TEST. Our drills culminate in practice testing with simulated GREs. The problems that show up on Test Day are not a surprise to our students.

The GRE scale is 200 – 800, with the nationwide mean just above 500. Getting a 600 and having a good undergraduate record typically gives the applicant entree to a decent program. A 750+ score is typically required for admittance to a “Top Tier” grad school.

There is no guarantee of success, but the GRE is coachable. Climbing from the 500s to the 650+ range is typically a 3 – 5 month endeavor. Climbing from the 600s to the 750+ range can take less time, but students should still have 3 – 5 months as the likely time horizon. The skills tested on the GRE rarely come naturally, and rarely mimic skills developed in undergrad course work. Thus we ask students to treat the GRE as a BRAND NEW endeavor. Some will be review, but much will be learning new skills for the first time.

Many MBA programs accept the GRE instead of GMAT. The GRE for most students is an easier test. However, some MBA programs require the GMAT and some prefer the GMAT to the GRE. Those tend to be the more competitive/prestigious programs. Make sure your desired program holds the GRE in equal regard if you are going to eschew the GMAT.

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