Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

We are eager to help propel you to a high MCAT score. Medicine continues to be one of the most fulfilling careers: almost no doctors leave the profession, and a majority still practice into their 70s.

mcatThe monetary reward for graduating from medical school is huge (expected average earnings of $12,000,000 over the first thirty years), and practitioner satisfaction remains high. Ivy Bound’s students routinely garner the scores that impress top tier admission committees.

As you probably know, the MCAT is the MOST important factor in med school admissions for all competitive med schools. Med school admissions offices depend on the MCAT more than Undergrad admissions offices depend on the SAT.* Given a comparable GPA as other applicants with similar backgrounds, the admit/deny decision is then based almost solely on the MCAT.

GPA, research, internships, publications, and character recommendations still weigh strongly in admissions decisions. But since these are built over many years, the element most controllable over a short time is the MCAT.

Our students work HARD at MCAT mastery, but typically over a 3 – 5 month period. The increases are typically significant, boosting students 2 – 4 points in each studied subject.

Testing ability is NOT set in stone! The MCAT is a test of acquired knowledge and skills. Ivy Bound instructors help build knowledge and skills for all MCAT Beautiful young doctor standing with hands folded and assistant doctors in backgroundquestions.

Our MCAT instructors help students build their expertise with one-on-one tutoring. Ivy Bound does not have its own MCAT program for the sciences. Ivy Bound has proprietary techniques for helping on the verbal reasoning. For the sciences, our talented instructors enhance other materials students bring to the sessions. Ivy Bound does endorse use of other programs’ materials for the sciences: Kaplan and Exam Krackers have proven solid for many of our students.

* Source: Dee Blackman, New York based Independent Academic Adviser, and Michael Goran, Los Angeles based Independent Academic Adviser.

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