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Ivy Bound's GMAT program

Thank you for your interest in Ivy Bound's GMAT program. The rewards for graduating from a top-tier MBA program versus a middle-tier one are huge in terms of status, earnings, and opportunities. Our students routinely garner the scores that impress top tier admission committees.

Fair or not, the GMAT is a large factor in business school admissions. Given a comparable GPA as other applicants with similar backgrounds, the majority of the admit/deny decision is then based on the GMAT.

Ivy Bound instructors help build skills for all GMAT questions.

The GMAT scale is 200 - 800, with 520 the nationwide mean. Scoring a 700 is what puts most students in the running for a “Top 20” MBA program.

Climbing to the 700 level takes WORK. GMAT skills rarely come naturally, and rarely mimic skills developed in undergrad course work. Thus we ask students to treat the GMAT as a BRAND NEW endeavor, and to be prepared to learn skills not tested on SAT or tested in their college studies.

A GMAT score is good for five years; thus, young adults looking for admission after two to four years of work might still wish to take the GMAT now, when they likely have more study time. Students currently in college often have a ripe ability to excel at new tests, whereas those several years out of college have less of that ability if they have not been engaged in these skills.

We look forward to helping!

We are eager to help raise your GMAT score. An MBA from an “elite” business school yields the highest entry level salaries on the world. The elite MBA’s progress from entry level to even higher rank expands opportunities and salaries significantly. MBA grads from elite schools continued to be offered top tier partnership, and financing opportunities when wanting to build businesses of their own.

Ivy Bound’s students routinely garner the scores that impress top tier admission committees.

As you probably know, the GMAT is a more important factor in MBA school admissions for all competitive business schools than Undergrad GPA. Given a comparable GPA and work experience as other applicants with similar backgrounds, the admit/deny decision is then based almost solely on the GMAT.

GPA, work experience, and character recommendations still weigh strongly in admissions decisions. But since these are built over many years, the element most controllable over a short time is the GMAT. Our students work HARD at GMAT mastery, but typically over a 2 – 3 month period. The increases are typically significant, boosting students 50 – 150 points in each studied subject.

Testing ability is NOT set in stone! The GMAT is a test of acquired knowledge and skills. Ivy Bound instructors help build knowledge and skills for all GMAT questions.

Our GMAT instructors help students build their expertise with one-on-one tutoring. Ivy Bound does not have its own GMAT program but has proprietary techniques for helping on the verbal, math, writing, and reasoning. Our talented instructors enhance other materials students bring to the sessions.