The Virtues of an Independent College Counselor

We want to make sure you know the virtues of independent college counselors. Very few public schools have counselors dedicated to college admissions. And almost none have people steeped in college financial planning. Enter independent counselors. These professionals are dedicated to your child’s college success in ways that public school counselors, and even private school counselors can’t. As knowledgeable and as well-meaning as a school-based counselor might be, the independent counselor has assets that almost always make for a smart addition to your child’s “Success Arsenal”.

For one, independent counselors work over the summer. Even in the fall, independent counselors have more time to really know the student, the college aspirations, and even the parent! The independent counselor is not tethered to responsibilities for dealing with trouble-maker kids in the school day. S/he doesn’t have to devote 50% of the day to a few problematic cases and the paperwork required of them. And the independent counselor does not have to devote oodles of hours to writing recommendations for other students.

For parents of rising sophomores and juniors, please consider enlisting a counselor in the coming weeks. Ivy Bound can connect you with one or more counselors who have helped our past students, and a good nationwide group of quality counselors is available at

For parents of seniors, though not optimal, it’s not too late. Some good counselors have slots to take on rising seniors.

For parents of ALL college bound students (grades 6 – 12): it’s never too late to plan the tuition end of college. Several people can help here, but we want to highlight one, Mr. J.D. Noll. He and his service give families creativity, assertiveness, and knowledge to save parents money.

In his words:

At College Tuition Planners, it is our goal to make paying for college possible – for everyone. Working with families of junior high and high school age students, we strive to insure that families can have the dream of a college education for their children come true. When a family is eligible to receive “need based” financial aid, we provide solutions to lower the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)…LESS OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES! We offer a one-hour, free, no obligation consultation

Naturally, a great SAT/ACT score helps with both college admissions and financing college. That is Ivy Bound’s primary job.

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