In Person SAT Classes

“In-Person” SAT Class | $650-$1350

Ivy Bound’s SAT classes focus on the Math and Critical Reading sections. Ivy Bound materials teach to the test and include tips and strategies for mastering SAT.

Our instructors are all top scorers and teach with clarity, empathy and enthusiasm.

 The classes include:gist

  • 27 hours of instruction
  • 2 Proctored practice SAT tests
  • Up to 7 additional practice tests, with phone reviews
  • Printed Materials
  • Receive daily vocabulary emails with words from prior SATs
  • Phone conferences offered 2x per week for additional help

Can’t find a class near you?

Ivy Bound offers “Form Your Own” classes and additional schedules in several areas throughout the U.S. Contact us at 877-975-1600 or, for more information.

In person SAT Math and Critical Reading Schedules:

MassachusettsNew Jersey
New York

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International Offerings

For students heading to U.S. Universities

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