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Dear Parents and Students:

We are now entering the Practice Testing season. Ivy Bound Offers Practice ACTs beginning Sunday Aug 12 and Practice SATs beginning Sun Aug 26. Some Saturday morning PT dates are included. The SAT PT dates run like clockwork, every other Sunday from 2 - 6pm eastern through November. Reviews of the Practice Tests are by phone at 9:15pm eastern each Sunday for that weekend's assigned Practice Test. You must sign up 13 days in advance of a test to be included. E-mail your test prep coordinator or the class coordinator (

The summer-fall practice ACTs make use of the ACT "six-pack" which all our ACT student have. The summer-fall SATs make use of the first three tests in the Official SAT Study Guide, and then (for OCT and NOV) we use the Practice Test binder. Below is a form.

We'd like you to take at least five full-length practice tests prior to your first SAT or ACT. We strongly encourage two or more of these to be in group situations. We offer group test proctoring by phone every month, and in any area where there are six or more students committed to a face-to-face group test, we hold these free of charge.

Group testing is important because we need you to be acclimated to test conditions. Knowing what to expect on the test, and what to expect of yourself help you get the most out of the real test. Practice testing is done with College Board tests, so we simulate the conditions as closely as possible. Testing with a group minimizes the chance that an external condition distracts you. After two group practice tests, rarely will the real test present a surprising situation.

Following each scheduled Sunday test, Ivy Bound offers a group phone review at 9:15pm Eastern. We cannot cover all the questions, but we do some "juicy" ones from the day's test and review strategies. Your tutor can cover the remaining troublesome questions, and we suggest letting the tutor know which these are with an advance e-mail.

Please make a commitment to join us on at least two occasions. Should you desire dates other than those listed below, Ivy Bound can provide proctors and come right to you. The fee is $150 to come to the home (more if using a site with a rental charge). The fee is reduced should others join in. We suggest four weeks advance notice should you want a proctored test on a date other than those listed above. For parents assembling a small At-Home class, we embed practice test dates on your chosen schedule.

Please complete the form included below, as well as attached, and return to Robin Lane by email or by fax to 860-760-6255

Student Name: _____________________________

Student email: ______________________________

Please circle two practice test dates that your student is able to attend and your preferred locale. We suggest 4 and 2 weekends prior to your target SAT or ACT, and we welcome your participation well in advance of the target test.
All practice tests in BOLD are on Sundays 2pm-6pm Eastern Time. Others are Saturdays 8am – 12 eastern.

SAT Summer / Fall Practice: Aug 26 Sep 8 Sep 9 Sep 22 Sep 23 Oct 6 Oct 7 Oct 20 Oct 21 Nov 4 Nov 18

ACT Summer / Fall Practice Tests: Aug 12 Aug 19 Aug 25 Aug 26 Sep 1 Sep 30 Oct 13 Nov 10 Nov 11 Nov 25

2012 ACTUAL SAT and SAT II Dates: 2012 ACTUAL ACT dates:
Oct 6 Nov 3 Dec 1 Sep 8 Oct 27 Dec 8

Preferred Practice Test Location: (please circle your preferred locale)
California: Berkeley, Palo Alto, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, Claremont, Irvine, San Diego
Colorado: Boulder, Denver
Connecticut: Glastonbury, Greenwich, Middletown, Newington, Simsbury, Stamford, Suffield, Waterbury, Woodbridge
Florida: Ft. Lauderdale , West Palm Beach
Georgia: Atlanta, Marietta
Illinois: Bridgeview, Chicago, Evanston, Glenview
Massachusetts: Acton, Bedford, Cambridge, Cohasset, Newton, Springfield
Maryland / DC / VA: Baltimore, Bethesda, Georgetown, Arlington VA, Richmond VA
Minnesota: Edina, St. Paul
New Hampshire: Hanover, Nashua
New Jersey: Cherry Hill, Madison, New Brunswick, Plainsboro, Princeton
New York: Manhattan, Millbrook, Nassau County, Pleasantville, Rye, Scarsdale
Pennsylvania: Bryn Mawr, Philadelphia, Swarthmore
Rhode Island: Providence
Texas: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston

__ No locale is convenient. I will join the phone-proctored-sessions on the dates checked above. As with tutoring appointments, I recognize that these are firm commitments and will cancel a commitment only for a medical emergency. Cancellation with less than 1 week notice that is not a medical emergency is subject to a $150 charge. A no-show is also a $150 charge unless it’s a medical emergency.

Student Signature _________________________________________ Date : ____________

And/or Parent Signature ____________________________________ Date : _____________