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ACT Tutoring

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Ivy Bound’s Program Utilizes:

One-on-One Instruction
An intensive curriculum developed from 20 years of official ACT exams
Disciplined strategies for every section and question type
Reinforcement of fundamental Math, Reading, Grammar, Writing, and Reasoning skills
Customized pace, intensity, and length for all academic goals and learning styles
Careful focus on individual students’ specific strengths and weaknesses
Regular communication between Ivy Bound’s Parent Coordinators and Ivy Bound families
Biweekly Home Study helpline and Weekly vocabulary e-newsletters
Regularly administered practice tests using formerly administered official ACTs


Ivy Bound’s Tutors:

Score in the top 1% on standardized tests
Undergo rigorous training in Ivy Bound’s curriculum and philosophy
Take an officially administered ACT annually
Possess as many as 15 years of ACT tutoring experience
Teach with enthusiasm, clarity, and empathy, fostering engaging tutoring relationships
Accommodate students’ busy schedules: meetings take place at students’ home or school


Ivy Bound’s Results:

A 4.28 point ACT composite score increase amongst last year's diligent students
Better college admissions offers
Strengthened academic and reasoning skills for better college preparedness
Improved test-taking proficiency
Enhanced access to scholarships

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Ivy Bound Students from the New York Area have gone on to attend some of the Top Colleges

Our students come from: And have gone on to:
Beekman Amherst
Bronx Science Cal' Tech
Claremont Columbia
Collegiate Dartmouth
Dalton Duke
Horace Mann Harvard
Marymount Johns Hopkins
Spence MIT
Stuyvesant Princeton
Talent Unlimited Stanford
Trinity UChicago
UN International UPenn
York Prep Yale
Chapin Boston College
Hewitt Cornell
Loyola Notre Dame
Nightengale NYU
Ramaz Pomona
Regis RPI
Riverdale Swarthmore
Trevor Day School Williams
And More... and more...

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“[My tutor] is wonderful… nothing short of totally supportive… I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor!”

Ivy Bound student with 850 point score increase

“[My daughter’s] Math score went up 150 points… [The tutors] are dedicated, bright, and personable. They boost the children's scores and their spirits.”

Bettie W, Ivy Bound parent

“[The] tutors are EXCELLENT! …highly qualified and knowledgeable… honest, hard-working, and focused… score jumped by 300 points... [Ivy Bound] *really* bolstered her self-confidence.”

Jeff P, Ivy Bound parent

“Outstanding product combined with superb personal attention and talent… well focused and specialized… weekly [help-line] supported the material… Thank you!”

Meredith M, Ivy Bound parent

“[Taking] the SATs without coaching is pretty much a guarantee you will not score as high… Ivy Bound was our secret weapon!”

Mark L, Ivy Bound parent

“[My son’s] score went up dramatically… absolutely thrilled with the result! Thanks Ivy Bound!!!!”

Lisa P, Ivy Bound parent

“Thank you [Ivy Bound] for working with me and believing in me… You really changed my outlook on math… [I wish my] high school math teachers taught as well as you do!”

Lauren B, Ivy Bound student

“Thank you [Ivy Bound] for working with me and believing in me… You really changed my outlook on math… [I wish my] high school math teachers taught as well as you do!”

Lauren B, Ivy Bound student

Featured Tutor

Mark Greenstein:
* Founder, Ivy Bound Test Prep
* J.D. U.C. Berkeley
* B.A. Dartmouth University
* Has taught LSAT since 1987
* Has coached over 1000 students
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