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A Message to Parents about SAT Prep

Aren't you glad you graduated when colleges didn't scrutinize what you did with every month of your summer vacation? We who attended high school in the 1970s and earlier didn't face nearly the pressures in terms of time as the kids who will graduate this decade.

At Ivy Bound we want to alleviate the pressure as much as possible. Given that test preparation is important and that it takes time, our method is to ask for six to eight good weeks of effort. The improved scores that are likely to result relieve the pressure of having to take the SAT again and balance course work against extracurriculars and/or more test prep.

We know how busy teens can be. So we try to "create" SAT study time. We self-drill vocabulary while flossing and hair drying. We ask students to eschew all but one hour of weekly television while they're taking the class. Parents can help get the obstinate TV watcher on board by videotaping the kid's top shows for viewing AFTER the SAT.

I certainly don't want to replace you in the most important job you have, so with humility, but with nearly 13 years experience on the coaching end, I offer some tips on how to best support your college-bound teenager.

How to be a Great SAT Parent