Resources for Maximizing Test Scores

Most of these resources are free of charge, as part of the full Ivy Bound program. Students who can take advantage of one or more are likely to score even higher.

ACT Test Strategy Conference Calls – the Sunday night before each ACT, 9:15pm Eastern

Math Help Conference via Call-in – Thursday nights. 8:15pm eastern for ACT; 9:15 for SAT. An instructor covers problems from the Ivy Bound materials, The Real ACT Prep Guide, or the Official SAT Study Guide – questions are totally welcome.

Verbal Help Conference via Call-in – to hone reading comp skills and build vocabulary. We meet Tuesdays at 8:15pm eastern for ACT Reading and English, 9:15 for SAT Sentence Completions and Reading. An instructor covers problems from the Ivy Bound materials, The Real ACT Prep Guide, or the Official SAT Study Guide.

Vocabulary Lists and Quizzes – Our proprietary list contains definitions for every medium and high level word that has been tested in released copies of the SAT since 1994. Our quizzes reinforce this vocabulary.

PSAT Supplemental Packet – For Juniors eyeing National Merit Recognition, we provide each September a strategy pack, and three full-length PSATs.

Parent Seminars – “Know the SAT / Understanding College Admissions” – Students and parents are helped by proper planning. Ivy Bound instructors give lectures by phone on the first Sunday of each month at 9:15pm est. Call the Ivy Bound office for the conference phone number.

  • What is tested on the current SAT & how should kids attack it?
  • How does the ACT compare? Who should take the ACT?
  • Where does the ACT/SAT fit into the college admissions scheme?
  • Where do the SAT Subject Tests fit in and when should we schedule these?
  • Is the ACT/SAT fair? Is it “coachable”? Is it culturally biased?
  • What’s the use of the PSAT?
  • How does Early Decision affect admissions?
  • How does the SAT affect merit scholarship awards?
  • What else are colleges looking for?
  • The Ivy Bound course and how to get the most out of it.

Personalized Writing Evaluations – Our instructors evaluate students’ (faxed in) essays in a fashion similar to SAT grading or ACT grading. Instructors give a grade and feedback for how to improve the essay.

Ivy Bound Word Reinforcement. – for SAT students. 6 – 10 vocabulary words arrive by email daily and quizzes arrive every other week, once the Lessons have ended, to enable students to build vocabulary prowess for LIFE.

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