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Thank you for your interest in Ivy Bound. We’re proud to offer exceptional tutors for the SSAT. We have helped students on any level to SSAT success.

Most of our instructors are graduates of the nation’s top universities, and all Ivy Bound SSAT instructors thoroughly enjoy teaching teens. For SSAT we license as many real SSAT questions as possible, but since that is still quite limited, we purchase practice tests in commercial study guides as supplements.

Private tutoring usually takes place at your home. Ivy Bound SSAT tutors are happy to meet at schools or libraries if you prefer. Whether a student needs only verbal or only math help, or a full SSAT course, we are eager to help with one-on-one attention to your child’s needs. Ivy Bound can accommodate gender and/or experience preferences, and usually has tutors available if a student has special learning needs.

Ivy Bound’s approach

For students eyeing competitive prep schools where admission is not assured, Ivy Bound urges students to take BOTH the ISEE and the SSAT.   The tested skills are similar.   At the 9 – 12 level, the SSAT content is close to the ISEE content (and very similar to the “Old SAT” used until 2004).  The ISEE can only be taken twice in a year, it makes sense to try to make the first time count, and then be done.  Students taking the ISEE, who CAN use the SSAT for admission should plan to take the SSAT shortly after the ISEE, in consecutive months if possible.

Ivy Bound tutors enlist materials that target SSAT success.  They use Ivy Bound’s strategies and occasionally supplement them for students who need extra reinforcement in select areas.  Ivy Bound tutors thus TAILOR the work to the student.

Ivy Bound’s tutors also work conveniently.  They come to the home, at your convenience.  They allow a parent to sit in or stand in for part of the session.  Where vocabulary is an issue for a student, the tutor will encourage parent involvement between tutor visits.

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