What you can expect as a client:

  • A tutor who will TEACH TO THE TEST
  • Many practice tests, all calibrated on the ACTs scale
  • Strategies covering ALL sections of the ACT
  • Big score improvements

What We Offer?

ACT Prep Classes
ACT prep classes offered online, in-person, or even at your home, all year long.
Our ACT Prep Philosophy
As private educators, it is our mission to see that both you and your child get as great a return on that investment as is possible. With that end in mind, we’d like to make a few suggestions.
Our ACT Scheduling Strategies
These are general scheduling suggestions that can only be taken on with the individual’s schedule in mind.
Private and Semi-Private Tutoring in Person or Online
Private tutoring is direct, flexible, and tailored to the student’s needs. Semi-Private tutoring is for 2 students.
Essay Services
Ivy Bound’s Brainstorming and Editing services help students improve their writing skills and fine-tune their test and admission essays.
Vocab Newsletter
Sign up to receive vocabulary words every week.
*50% of the tutoring fee returned if a student does not gain 3 points over two post-Ivy Bound tests (if starting score is below 30 points). Please ask your Ivy Bound representative for more details.

Why take the ACT over the SAT?

  • For many students, the ACT is the optimal test
  • ACT has NO vocabulary study
  • ACT rewards students who are strong with Math and Science
  • The ACT does not penalize wrong answers

Upcoming Events

Ivy Bound Test Prep Events

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International Offerings

For students heading to U.S. Universities

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