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Tutor Recruitment

    We welcome those individuals who are ambitious, motivated, and have a passion for tutoring teens to join Ivy Bound. We have a program, including a Teachers’ Manual, for preparing students for the SAT, ACT, and other disciplines, as well as academics. Our tutors are intelligent, personable, and have the desire and passion for helping students prepare for their forthcoming tests in order to achieve the best score they are capable of producing. There is strong support from our academic director and the Ivy Bound staff. The reimbursement for the tutoring hours is very good, and the hours are flexible dependent on the student’s availability.

    Our standards for applying require a combined SAT score of 1500 in Math and Critical Reading, or an ACT score of 35. To apply, please provide your SAT and/or ACT scores along with any outstanding AP or SAT Subject scores and a brief summary of your qualifications.

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 Ivy Bound's SAT Tutors Need to have a combined score of of at least 1500 in Critical
 reading and math combined.


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 ACT tutors need to have a composite score of 35 minimum.

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