Lauren Kay

     I recently graduated from Brown University in Providence, RI, where I pursued a concentration in American Civilization, with a focus in love, relationships, and gender relations. Since June 2009, I have been running the NYC educational childcare company, SmartSitting, which matches NYC families with part-time babysitters and full-time nannies.

     At Brown, I was involved with Brown Television, political advocacy work, and student designed and run classes (Group Independent Study Projects). In my last year at Brown, I took part in three G.I.S.P.s that I co-created and co-taught, as well as one independent writing class. It is in these classes that I feel I really learned the most from my fellow students, and engaged the most with the curriculum.

     Since the moment that I graduated from high school, I have devoted all of my free time to tutoring. In between juggling SmartSitting and my coursework, I have squeezed tutoring sessions into every open moment that I could find, and I have been fortunate enough to tutor over twenty-five different students, ranging in age from 10 to 54, and in location from central NJ to Newport, RI (as well as a few long-distance students via Skype.) I have formed long lasting relationships with my students that I cherish, and I cannot wait to teach, interact with, and learn from new students in NYC over the next few years.


Brown University, Class of 2011
Providence, RI
    • B.A. American Civilization
    • Magna Cum Laude


Speaker / Mentor
The Tufts Compass Fellowship Program, Jan 2011–Present
Somerville, MA
  • Was the opening speaker for the Tuft’s Compass Fellowship Program, and have been an ongoing mentor for the businesses that Compass fellowees are creating
Student Teacher / Coordinator
Brown University, Group Independent Study Projects (GISPs), Sept 2010–Present
Providence, RI
  • Along with one fellow student in each of the three classes, developed and led three student classes at Brown: The Science, Psychology, and Philosophy of How and Why We Fall in Love; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Mean Girls

Smartsitting (, June 2009–Present
New York, NY
  • Created a childcare network to connect families and students in the NYC area
  • Worked with over 400 different babysitters and more than 150 top NYC families


St. George’s School (Ivy Bound Tutoring), Jan 2008–May 2010
Newport, RI
  • Commuted from Providence to Newport, RI to work closely with two students, Sims and Kelly, during their junior and senior years of high school on the SATs (all subjects); the Calculus AP exam; and the Math SAT IIs (Levels 1 and 2). Both were accepted to ‘reach’ colleges – Sims to Tufts (class of 2013), and Kelly to Georgetown (class of 2015).
SAT, Math SAT II, ACT, and College Essay Tutor
Multiple families, privately and through Ivy Bound, June 2007–Jan 2011
NJ, NY, Phone Tutoring
  • Worked one-on-one with 13 different high school juniors and seniors as well as 2 gifted 10 and 11-year-old girls during all of my summer and winter breaks home from college. I worked with multiple students for 2+ years, and tutored two students via Skype while I was away at school.
Academic Tutor
Luisa G. and Adriana C.G., June 2007–Present
Short Hills, NJ
  • I worked closely with two students, Luisa (5th-8th grade) and Adriana (8th-10th grade) and helped them with various academic subjects, as well as private school applications. I have also acted as a life coach and mentor for Luisa, whom I visit on all school breaks, and chat with at least once each week while I am away at school.
Academic Tutor
Multiple students, Summer 2009
Newark, NJ
  • I worked with three adult students who were returning to college, and helped with essay preparation, study skills, and business coaching.


05/08 – Present, Gina M., Short Hills, NJ
    Mother of Luisa, 13-year-old tutee / mentee. I have helped Luisa over all school breaks with her academic coursework since she was in the 5th grade; she is now finishing up middle school. I also assisted Luisa with her private school applications; (she transferred from public to private school after the sixth grade.)
06/09 – 08/10, Lucille M., Chatham, NJ
    I tutored her son Jack for the SATs in the summer of 2009 and winter 2009-10, and assisted Jack with his college essays. Jack was accepted into his first choice college, Connecticut College, and I was the first person he called to share the exciting news! He then called again to let me know that his essay won 2nd prize, out of thousands of entries, in The College Organizer’s essay contest.
06/07 – 08/08, Allison L., Summit, NJ
    Mother of Elise, SAT I and SAT II tutee, and member of Kenyon’s class of 2013
08/09 – 10/10, Rachel J., Wayne, NJ
    I tutored her son Andrew for the SATs in the summer of 2009, and assisted Andrew with all of his college essays (including last minute edits the night before they were due, at 1AM!) in late 2010. Andrew’s PSAT score increased from a 209 to a 236, and he was accepted into Princeton’s class of 2015.
06/09 – 08/10, Patricia C.-G., Summit, NJ
    Mother of Adriana, eighth-grade geometry tutee and ninth grade algebra II tutee
09/09 – 05/10, Kelly M., Atlanta, GA
    I tutored Kelly through Ivy Bound tutoring at St. George’s boarding school (in Newport, RI) for the SATs throughout the 2009-2010 school year. Kelly’s score improved from a sophomore year PSAT of 173 to a junior year SAT score of 2110, and she was accepted Early Action into one of her reach schools, Georgetown University.
06/10 – 01/11, Anne S., Upper Saddle River, NJ
    I tutored Anne’s two daughters, Grace (10) and Christina (11) during summer 2010 and over the winter 2010-11 break in the SATs, as they were preparing for the Johns Hopkins summer program. At age 11, Christina scored an impressive 1750 on the exam. (Grace will not be taking the test for another year.)


With Lauren’s help, I raised my score 220 points. When my principal saw my point increase, her mouth literally fell to the floor. I could barely even believe it, but it was real. Now I’m going to a Tier 1 University, with over $49,000 in scholarship money… amazing."

Delia M., Grade 12 (Now NYU ’13)

Lauren understood exactly where I was coming from and was able to use that knowledge to help fill in any gaps I had. Having gone through the process herself, she skipped over all formalities that she knew I had learned multiple other times and got right to the problem areas. Lauren was able to identify specific problems to go over, even if I had gotten the correct answer, to make sure that I chose to do it the fastest or best way. I did not experience this with any other tutors."

Julia S., Grade 12 (Now Brown ’14)

Lauren has been tutoring my 11-year-old daughter for two years and is nothing short of extraordinary. In addition to being extremely conscientious and knowledgeable, Lauren spends a great deal of time outside of session strategizing the best way to approach each student’s particular challenges. She comes to tutoring with a bag of fun, creative tricks working tirelessly until she finds the perfect lesson plan to achieve the highest level of learning in her students. My daughter adores her and so do I."

Gina M., Mother of 6th grade student (who is now finishing 9th grade)

Lauren Kay


  • U.S. & Internationally--via Skype
  • Summer: Brooklyn, NY
  • School Year: Brooklyn, NY


  • SAT
  • Math SAT II
  • ACT
  • College Essay

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