Matt Dorros

     I am a student at Brown University, where I'm studying entrepreneurship with a 3.86 GPA. While I've also enjoyed studying science, literature and art for its own sake, I've had great success applying my studies directly to my small business, which sells locally made glasswork. After graduating from Brown, I plan to earn my MBA and continue learning through business ownership.

     While tutoring with Ivy Bound, I've helped students improve their scores by an average of 90 points per section. My teaching style is energetic and engaging; I love helping students find new ways to tackle problems. Each student learns differently, and while I enjoy using visually based techniques for both problem-solving and memorization, I try to find the best approach for each individual.


Brown University, Class of 2013
Providence, RI
  • BA: Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations
  • GPA: 3.86
Andover High School
Andover, MA
  • GPA: 3.94


    • In my free time, I do Brazilian jiu-jitsu, play ultimate Frisbee, DJ for Providence's alt rock station, and lobby for harm-reductionist state and federal policies with SSDP.
Matt Dorros


  • U.S. & Internationally--via Skype
  • Summer: Providence, RI
  • School Year: Providence, RI


  • ACT: 35
  • SAT: 2290
  • AP Tests:
    • English Literature: 5
    • Calculus AB: 5
    • Statistics, Spanish: 5
    • Comparative Government: 5
    • Psychology: 5
    • European History: 5

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