In college, grades still matter. High grades propel students heading to grad school and help when applying to prestigious firms for internships and jobs.

Benefits of Ivy Bound Tutoring

Ivy Bound tutors help students earn the high grades needed to achieve future success by working one-on-one, on campus or at your home, at your convenience. Tutoring via computer is also an option when the student needs to access his tutor for a short time.

Many students meet their tutor once a week, to take on whatever is timely. Other students work with tutors when a big test is looming or a paper is due. Our tutors are generally available in August and January to get students started on tough topics. We allow students to pair up in-person or online and split the tutoring fee.

Some students will enlist an Ivy Bound tutor when they find a class is suddenly difficult or they receive a bad grade on a paper or test. At that point, we work to get them caught up and then get them ahead.

Our Tutors Are Here To:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce hours spent in the library
  • Help students get concepts down without anguish
  • Fit a strategy to disconnected problems
  • Help students study directly for exams
  • Help planning, researching, and writing a paper

Study Skills

High grades are more important than ever. Join us for a series of Study Skills sessions that will improve your school work this year and beyond! Ivy Bound’s Study Skills enhance learning for multiple subjects at the same time. We apply new skills to test, paper writing, note taking, and listening. Students with especially difficult classes, can bring their materials to the tutor for help in the final sessions. Students should generally expect to:

  • Improve comprehension
  • Memorize better
  • Get through books faster
  • Read articles more effectively
  • Take better notes in class
  • Prepare better for tests
  • Write papers with less grief

Speedy Reading for College

Get through your reading faster, with equal or BETTER comprehension! We help students develop good habits so they are not bogged down with work. We make use of the “Breakthrough!” curriculum. Students bring in current assignments and Ivy Bound supplements with reading that’s appropriate to their skill needs.  Students should EXPECT to double their reading speed, and know that emerging three times faster, with equal or even BETTER understanding is a realistic result.