Academic Tutoring

We are proud to bring exceptionally qualified tutors to students and families looking to find extra help with rigorous school coursework or preparation for one important test. Our instructors range from current university students to seasoned teaching professionals. All have a passion for helping students overcome academic struggles.

Study Skills

High grades are more important than ever. Join us for a series of Study Skills sessions that will improve your school work this year and beyond! Ivy Bound works with your books to help with the most difficult classes. Improve comprehension, memorization, reading speed and more in our Study Skills course.

Speedy Reading

Get through your reading faster, with equal or BETTER comprehension! We help students develop good habits so they are not bogged down with work. We make use of the “Breakthrough!” curriculum, using age-appropriate novels and non-fiction. Students should EXPECT to double their reading speed and know that emerging three times faster, with equal or even BETTER understanding, is a realistic result. Most students will read a full (short) book in their final 3-hour session.

Vocabulary and Latin

A strong vocabulary can help students prepare for words tested in school and on the SAT, impress their teachers and peers! The Ivy Bound course is directed at ENGLISH, but uses Latin (and Greek) roots to help with difficult English. All students receive Ivy Bound’s 5500 word compilation of recently-tested SAT vocabulary and all are issued an Annotated Novel from the Rising Stars Series: Utopia, Tale of Two Cities, Heart of Darkness or Flatland.