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Every student can use outside help now and then. Many are unable to enlist a parent for help. Parents try, but their child doesn’t listen, gets distracted, or resents the help. At the high school level, many parents can’t effectively help with upper level classes. Even with lower level classes, parents often don’t know what the student’s teacher is expecting.

Teenage Boy with Tutor

How Can Ivy Bound Help?

Enter the Ivy Bound tutor. We work one-on-one with the student to help master the material and earn “A”s.

We are proud to bring exceptionally qualified tutors to students and families looking to find extra help with rigorous school coursework, or preparation for one important test. Our instructors range from current university students to seasoned teaching professionals. All have a passion for helping students overcome academic struggles.

The best results come when the student can pre-view material the teacher will be covering; the second-time around becomes the time for a student to master the material and have an easier time studying for a test.

Ivy Bound tutors have helped students on all levels achieve success on academic subjects.

How Often Do You Meet?

Most families using Ivy Bound for academic help hold once-a-week sessions, with an occasional extra session before a paper is due or a test is given. Some students enlist a tutor for two subjects. We then try to have one tutor who is accomplished in both, so that the time spent each session can be divided as the student needs.

Tutors can come to the school for sessions during free periods or after school. They can come to boarding schools on evenings or weekends. And if the best-fit tutor is far away, Ivy Bound offers tutoring via Skype and GoToMeeting so the student can see the tutor and work collaboratively.

Some families enlist an Ivy Bound tutor for an academic course preview. Working in August to give over several months of materials before school gets going, and again at the start for a winter semester to preview the coming months’ material. When several students seek the same course preview, Ivy Bound can hold the sessions as a CLASS, with families splitting the tutor’s fee.

The price depends upon their experience level and your location. You can set the dates with them to come to your home, to school, or to a library.