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SAT Vocabulary for the Test and Life

Until 2016, vocabulary was tested directly on the SAT in the sentence completion section. The score on this section was almost completely based on a student's vocabulary...

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Is SAT Content Practical?

We have an important message to all students who may not love what's tested on the SAT: It's important! Study for the SAT maximizes preparation and performance in college and...

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Why Is Raising Your GPA So Important?

High school GPA plays an instrumental role in the college admissions process. One letter grade can make a colossal difference over the course of three years of school work in getting accepted...

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Do You Need Algebra 2 Before SAT Prep?

Many parents ask us if a student's SAT prep should be delayed until he or she has completed Algebra 2 in school. The timing of when you study for the SAT is really important...

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3 Tips to Motivate Kids to Do Homework

The average student completes 12 years of schooling before college. Although this seems like a long time, students who strive for future success need to be on top of their game throughout their...

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