The summer before your first year of college can seem surreal. Between graduation parties, spending time with family and dorm room shopping, the fall arrives before you know it. Although the summer will be busy saying bye to friends, it is important to be ready for the semester ahead. How can students accomplish this? We offer four easy ways to prepare for your first day of college.

College student reading in the library Read, Read, Read!

It may seem like a tedious task, but reading as much as you can over the summer is very important to your success in college. Not only will you improve your skills and keep your mind working, but you will be more prepared for difficult assignments. Often, college students must read 100 pages a night! If you’ve neglected to enhance your critical reading skills and speed, you could start to fall behind in class.

Research Potential Majors

Although many college students enter freshman year with an undeclared major, you should consider the career paths that interest you. Then, you can begin your research into the class and credit requirements of your chosen school. Most college students change their major at least once, but doing so too often or too late over your four-year career can result in more time in school and more money spent on education.

Review Academic Concepts

Depending on the college you are attending in the fall, you may have the opportunity to create your own schedule or you could receive a predetermined one in the mail. In either case, you can begin to prepare by refreshing your mind of certain academic concepts. Whether it is a remedial math course or a section of history you have never studied, a little preparation in the summer can start you off on the right foot in the fall.

Order Your Textbooks

Before school starts, it is important to have all your textbooks. Most professors will upload a list of the required reading materials online or they will be included in the mail with your class schedule. Students should be prepared to start coursework right away, as the semester only lasts a short time. An added benefit of ordering your textbooks early is having the pick of used, rented or new books. Buying used or renting books is often much cheaper!

When school lets out, summer is the perfect time for tutoring and test prep. To learn more about the services and classes we offer to students of all grade levels, contact us today!