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Academic Tutoring

High school GPA plays an instrumental role in the college admissions process. One letter grade can make a colossal difference over the course of three years of school work in getting accepted or denied at competitive colleges. Moving from a 3.4 to a 3.6 makes your college resume that much better than other students who are at 3.5 or lower. Why does a mere 0.2 points make all the difference?

Exceeding the Average

A 3.5 GPA puts you right in the middle with other students who are applying to competitive colleges. With a 3.6 or higher, you exceed the credentials of a lot of other applicants. Ivy Bound is here to help you accomplish that increase!

Working With Ivy Bound

If you’re struggling to maintain a “B” average in one class, enlist one of our tutors. Through online or in-person sessions, we can help you easily get a B – or even an A! Improving one subject each semester, you’ll move your GPA by 0.2 or more and increase your chances of college admission.

Our tutors teach to what you need, with the skill set that applies to how you learn. Let Ivy Bound be your ally throughout high school.