SAT Test Prep

Many parents ask us if a student’s SAT prep should be delayed until he or she has completed Algebra 2 in school. The timing of when you study for the SAT is really important. Kids’ schedules, whether during sophomore or junior year, tend to get filled up later in the year. While schedules are more hectic in the spring, students also have more math knowledge under their belts than in winter or fall. So, what should students do?

Schedules Should Control SAT Prep

If you enlist an Ivy Bound tutor, he or she will teach to the test. To prepare for algebra on the SAT and ACT, we’re good forerunners of what the class will eventually teach.

We’ll hone in, working 3 – 5 extra hours with students who have not taken Algebra 2, but these students are actually getting ahead for when those concepts come up in school work! In the meantime, students are arming themselves with the best readiness for the SAT any time during the year.

In reality, there’s not much Algebra 2 on the SAT; maybe 4 – 6 questions. We want kids to get all 6 of those questions right, but you don’t need to wait for a slowly paced school classroom to get a command of Algebra 2 material.