Students who aspire to be accepted by a top tier college often overextend themselves with classes, school clubs, extracurricular activities and entrance exams. Add a varsity sport to this workload and students can easily fall behind on their assignments, grades and test scores.

Finding a Balance

boys playing lacrosse Being on a varsity sports team in high school looks good on your application, but not if it comes at the expense of GPA or SAT and ACT scores. It’s not easy to balance assignments after a full day in school, followed by two to three hours of sports practice and games on nights and weekends.

Highly competitive sports may also include off-season strength and conditioning training that could further interfere with classes and tests.

Tutoring for Athletes

Students are under a lot of stress to succeed. Having a coach advocate for you is always positive and scholarship offers are a huge bonus, but athletes still need to show college admissions staff test scores that will convince them you are more than just a sports star. High school athletes can stay on top of their busy schedules by enlisting the help of a tutor.

Ideally in the off-season, athletes can work with a tutor one-on-one in person or online to improve study skills and test scores. Tutors can also lead small classes of athletes, so the entire team can improve their studies. These group sessions typically take place in the summer, when athletes have more time to focus.

Continue Playing

Many high school coaches have a minimum GPA requirement for athletes. Those that fall below may be ruled academically ineligible to participate in sports. Athletes that perform poorly on the SAT or ACT also run the risk of having an elite college decline acceptance, no matter how good a player you are.
The best way to avoid these instances is to seek the assistance of a tutor who can help you focus, improve test skills and achieve better grades for college admission. Contact us to get started on the road to academic success!