SAT & ACT Test Prep

From a young age, students are told that academic performance determines the course of their future. SAT or ACT results can make a significant impact on your chances of college admission, but students are often overwhelmed by the pressure to score big. At Ivy Bound, we have helped students prepare for these exams since 2001. Between school, homework, activities and part-time work, it may seem impossible to find time for test prep – but these exams are not to be overlooked. How do you balance your responsibilities, so you can have an impressive GPA and SAT or ACT score?

student holding colorful booksBe Committed

Every student should have academic goals. After all, you have been working hard all your life to build a resume that impresses college admissions counselors! However, reaching our goals can be frustrating when we encounter roadblocks.

For instance, if you are not strong at math, science or reading comprehension, you may feel like giving up on these sections of the SAT or ACT. Yet it takes focus and determination to get over those hurdles; Ivy Bound tutors are here to help improve weaknesses and increase section scores!

Make Sacrifices

In all stages of live, never take on too much at once. If you play sports, weigh the pros and cons. Are you a really good athlete with a chance to score a college scholarship or do you play for fun? Commitment to a sports team takes up a lot of time so if it’s not a priority, consider making time to play for fun.

Start Planning

What’s your target SAT or ACT score? Ivy Bound counselors can help you plan the following:

  • Scoring in the right percentile for schools you’re applying to
  • How to reach and exceed your score goals
  • How much time you should spend to reach your ideal score improvements
  • One-on-one tutoring or group class sessions

With all this information, you can create a schedule that includes time for school, studying, responsibilities and downtime.

Take Advantage

During long weekends and school vacations, take the extra time to study. When the holidays roll around, students often do not have a lot of homework to complete during the break, so you can focus on your SAT or ACT test prep. This would also be a great time to schedule a real timed practice test with Ivy Bound!

Stay Healthy

Finally, don’t push yourself too hard. It doesn’t benefit anyone to deprive yourself of food, rest and other forms of self-care. While you can’t lock yourself away and study all night, you also shouldn’t overdo your breaks either. If you allot 15 minutes for a walk with the dog, make sure that doesn’t turn into an hour-long visit with a friend.
Ivy Bound tutors have scored in the top 1% on the SAT and ACT. In addition to the content of these exams, we teach our students stress and time management skills to help them achieve success. To learn more about the test prep services we offer, contact us today!