LSAT – When to Test

LSAT – WHY UNDERGRADS EYEING LAW SCHOOL SHOULD TAKE THE TEST NOW The LSAT is a difficult and daunting test. Difficult because it tests new skills, under strict time limits. Daunting because so much rides on the outcome: 90% of the admit/deny decision for students with comparable GPAs is based on the LSAT. Though Law…

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Ivy Bound Resources for Maximizing Scores – LSAT

These resources are free of charge, as part of the full Ivy Bound program. Students who can take advantage of one or more are likely to score even higher. Test Strategy Conference Calls – the Wednesday night before each LSAT, 10:15 Eastern. Logic Games Conference Calls – Thursday nights at 10:15 Eastern. An instructor covers…

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The Benefits of a High GMAT Score

We are eager to help raise your GMAT score. An MBA from an “elite” business school yields the highest entry level salaries on the world. The elite MBA’s progress from entry level to even higher rank expands opportunities and salaries significantly. MBA grads from elite schools continue to be offered top tier partnership. Top MBA…

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