College Essay Workshops

When it comes to college acceptance, there’s no doubt impressive SAT and ACT scores are important. Many universities use test performance to narrow down applicants, wait list or reject students who score below a certain level. However, standardized test scores are just one of many criteria colleges look for in a candidate. Playing sports, community involvement, recommendations and application essays are some of the other factors that can help students stand out to colleges. What else can you do?

Application Essay

student holding colorful booksSchool grades and standardized test scores show your aptitude, but the college essay is your chance to let colleges know who you are. This is your time to shine, reveal what makes you unique and convince a college admissions counselor why you’re worthy of acceptance.

Many colleges are now accepting video essays too, which allow you to show off your creative skills. The school has an opportunity to get to know you better than words on a paper.

Extracurricular Activities

Beyond your attendance record, grades and test scores, colleges want applicants who are active in the community, play a varsity sport or participate in theater and arts programs.

You don’t have to wear yourself thin with activities, but pick what you enjoy, show diversity and highlight any major accomplishments.


When you finish school and start job hunting, you will learn the importance of a solid reference or recommendation letter. The same is true for getting accepted to college. Among the factors schools consider, recommendations from counselors and faculty members are very important.

To strengthen your own efforts, a respected member of the school or community has the opportunity to show an admissions counselor your character, work ethic and overall worthiness of being accepted.
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