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We are eager to help raise your GMAT score. An MBA from an “elite” business school yields the highest entry level salaries on the world. The elite MBA’s progress from entry level to even higher rank expands opportunities and salaries significantly. MBA grads from elite schools continue to be offered top tier partnership. Top MBA grads tend to access financing opportunities when wanting to build businesses of their own.

The GMAT is a more important factor in MBA school admissions for all competitive business schools than Undergrad GPA. Given a comparable GPA and work experience as other applicants with similar backgrounds, the admit/deny decision is then based almost solely on the GMAT.

Many MBA programs accept the GRE instead of GMAT. The GRE for most students is an easier test. However, some MBA programs require the GMAT and some prefer the GMAT to the GRE. Those tend to be the more competitive/prestigious programs. Make sure your desired program holds the GRE in equal regard if you are not going to take the GMAT.

GPA, work experience, and character recommendations still weigh strongly in admissions decisions. But since these are built over many years, the element most controllable over a short time is the GMAT. Our students work hard at GMAT mastery, but typically over a 2 – 3 month period. The increases are typically significant, boosting students 50 – 150 points in each studied subject.

Testing ability is not set in stone! The GMAT is a test of acquired knowledge and skills. Ivy Bound instructors help build knowledge and skills for all GMAT questions.