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According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, nearly one-third of identity theft reports to the Federal Trade Commission come from young adults. College students can be especially susceptible to these fraudsters. While celebrating their newfound freedom, college students may forget to take the necessary precautions. The following steps can help protect your identity during this transitional period in your life!

Keep Documents Safe

Credit card with a chained lockIf you take your social security card, birth certificate or medical records to school with you, make sure all these important documents are kept in a secure place. Consider a small safe or lock for a desk drawer, where you can keep everything safe and protected from damage.

Understand that thieves who access this personal information can:

  • Open new credit accounts
  • Apply for loans or jobs
  • Abuse your current accounts
  • Commit fraud in your name

Be Cautious Online

The number one concern for college students should be social media safety. Although you are meeting new people and want to follow or friend everyone, be mindful of who you accept and what you share. Keep your privacy settings secure and do not allow just anyone to tag you in photos.

Never use the same passwords for your university logins as your bank, email and other personal accounts. In an ideal world, every account has a unique password that does not include easily accessible information, such as your date of birth or middle name. Use two-factor authentication to further secure these accounts from potential hackers.

The Wi-Fi may be open to everyone on campus, including non-students. Making payments or accessing sensitive information on public Wi-Fi can leave you susceptible to identity thieves.

Know Your Surroundings

The school you have chosen to attend should become your second home over the years but remember, you are in an unfamiliar environment with thousands of new people.

If you leave your computer or phone at the library, don’t give fraudsters easy access to your information. However convenient it may seem, never have your devices save passwords for websites that contain your personal information.
College is a monumental time in a student’s life. We hope you make new friends and discover your passions, but also want you to be academically successful. Ivy Bound offers tutoring services to college and graduate school students. Contact us to learn more!