As students get older, they become more reluctant to ask for help. Unfortunately, there can be a “social stigma” associated with enlisting a tutor. We’re here to tell that there’s no shame in asking for help! If you’re a college student struggling through each semester, it’s time to reap the rewards of working with a tutor to improve your grades.

Signs You Need a Tutor

Female tutor helping a college student In college, students are focused on making friends and discovering “who they are.” While you’re having fun, it can be discouraging to have a difficult time with coursework. Many students will let a few bad grades slide, but a good GPA is important for your future after graduation. You might benefit from the help of a tutor if you:

  • Lack understanding of the basic concepts taught in class.
  • Consistently receive poor grades on homework assignments.
  • Have low quiz and test grades (i.e. Cs or below).
  • Feel stress or anxiety while sitting in class or studying your notes.

Ivy Bound provides Academic Tutoring for College Students throughout the semester for help with homework, papers, projects and exams.

Advantages of Having a Tutor

High school and college level coursework differ in many ways, but one of the most important distinctions is that you often have less grades in a college class. Some professors will only count attendance, midterm and final scores toward your cumulative grade; that’s only two chances to prove mastery of a subject in the whole semester! A tutor can help:

  • When the professor is unavailable. Oftentimes in a large lecture, there is no time for one-on-one instruction with individual students.
  • Improve your overall study skills for all courses.
  • Recover slipping grades if you’re hoping to attend grad school.

Reduce your stress and enlist help from Ivy Bound! In addition to tutoring during the school year, we also offer semester previews to get you started off on the right foot.

To improve your academic performance in college, find an Ivy Bound tutor near you!