When students close their books on the last day of school before three months of summer vacation, what happens to all of that year’s learning? While students do deserve a break, it can be detrimental to their development to shut off learning for so long. In the fall, teachers are forced to re-teach last year’s lessons before moving on to the new ones, which only puts them farther behind. Kids and technology is a controversial topic, but it can be a very positive tool to keep their brains working all summer long. Consider these options.

Games That Keep the Mind Sharp

blog-learningThe app store has thousands of games. Admittedly, not all are educational, but even some of the most popular games keep your brain working. If your child needs to improve upon vocabulary, have him start playing Words with Friends. To simply keep the mind active, a puzzle game like Sudoku will set the logical wheels of your child’s brain in motion.

Educational Apps

This is a more straight-forward approach, but you can download strictly educational apps for your kids right on to your smartphone or tablet. You can explore options for reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, math and language apps to practice with each day. It’s important for your child to have a break from school, but the trade-off of one hour of learning in order to go to the park with friends should be easily negotiable!

Podcasts or Books On Tape

If you’re taking a long road trip this summer, why not listen to a podcast or book in the car? Podcasts are informative and cover many topics that would be of interest to kids. Most are set up in a talk show format, so there’s not just one monotonous voice. A non-fiction book on tape will make the travel time pass and keep them engaged if it’s a topic they like.

Take On a New Challenge

Many kids find themselves with a lot of free time during their summer vacation. Why not pursue an interest? There are many do-it-yourself, instructional videos online for anything you want to learn, whether it be cooking or how to build a treehouse. Whatever the challenge may be, your child will have fun and learn a new skill at the same time.

Summer tutoring is also an option through Ivy Bound. Whether you want to be prepared for the next school year or are planning to take the SAT/ACT in the fall, contact us to learn more.