Ivy Bound encourages private counselors to offer their students “Form Your Own” (FYO) classes for ACT or SAT. FYO is economical; the cost of an ACT/SAT class with a seasoned instructor is one-third to one-fourth the cost of private tutoring. For some students, it’s also the best way to lock in a study regimen.

For private counselors, the FYO has four extra appealing elements:

blog-study1) You look good. You offer a class tailored for your clients at a convenient time. Parents do not have to shop among various test prep options and Ivy Bound gives you a discount that you can pass on to them.

2) Your students get their test prep done on a schedule conducive to your work with them. Ivy Bound happens to like summer “Boot Camp” classes and summer three- or four-week classes that meet three mornings a week. When students complete their lessons by early August, they can maximize their efforts with you.

3) You will know their progress. Ivy Bound offers Practice Test sessions 11 months of the year. At your request, we can report the Practice Test scores to you for SAT and/or ACT. We know that these scores influence a student’s college list and we generally push for early completion.

4) Your students get a quality course. Ivy Bound’s diligent students report nearly 170- point average improvements. Students who need more attention outside of the class can have extended tutoring at reduced tutor rates. Ivy Bound is the only national firm offering 100-point minimum improvements or half of your money is returned.

An FYO class just might pull in an extra counseling client or two for you. Student A wants her buddy Student B working with her in class and you might appeal to B’s family as well.

Please consider some schedules for 35 class hours (45 for ACT with SAT) this summer and contact Ivy Bound at 877-IVY-BOUND. We typically run 2.5 – 3.5 hour sessions in the summer. Per your option, we can offer Practice Tests on Saturdays or Sundays in the fall. Rising juniors and most rising sophomores can join rising seniors in a summer class.

Should you have students whose time availability does not fit that of the FYO group you form, Ivy Bound can usually accommodate those students in an online class. Our online schedules can be viewed at https://www.ivybound.net/class-registration/. Ivy Bound can still keep you informed of an online client’s Practice Test scores.

We look forward to propelling more of your students higher in the coming months!