For many teens, getting their first summer job is one of life’s great milestones. They are finally able to embrace independence, learning responsibility, communication and money management. Yet, what about the aspect of time management? If you’re keeping your job through the fall, it becomes essential to find a balance between school and work. Your parents likely won’t be happy if your grades start to slip, but rather than quit your job, consider these tips.

Don’t Take On Too Much Too Soon

blog-balanceIn the summertime, you have all the hours in a day to work. However, once school starts, your schedule changes drastically. You will only be available to work in the afternoon after a long 7 to 8 hours sitting in a classroom and you’ll likely have homework assignments. Rather than working long shifts every day after school, start slow. Get used to your school routine first before challenging yourself with too many hours on the job.

Plan Your Time Wisely

Working part-time as a student is a major responsibility. Not only do you have to juggle going to school and work, but homework and work-related assignments off the clock. Undoubtedly, you want to make the best impression you can on your teachers and your boss. An increase in scheduling conflicts will have the opposite effect. Plan ahead well in advance for both school and work obligations to avoid a bad grade or possibly being fired from your job.

Be Organized

Managing your time well and keeping your responsibilities in order will help reduce stress. Keep a calendar of all assignments, school trips and your work schedule so you always know what to expect at the start of each day. Organization will help you avoid the unnecessary stress of forgetting about a shift or misplacing an assignment.

Put Schoolwork First

No matter what, your academic performance should come before your job. If you notice your grades slipping because you’re tired from working so many hours, there is only one solution. Taking on extra shifts may result in more money, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your schoolwork; your gateway to higher education and a career!

Stay Healthy

When you’re too busy to eat, both your body and mind suffer. Instead of overworking yourself and skipping meals to work or study, factor nutrition into your schedule. When you record your shifts and school obligations for the week, set aside time to nourish yourself so you can be energized on the go.

Lean On Others for Support

Make sure you have someone to talk to, whether it be a parent, teacher, friend or guidance counselor, if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Many students will try to push through for fear of having to quit their job or drop a class, but that only makes the situation worse. Ask for help when your plate is too full so a solution can be found sooner rather than later.

Free time in the summer is not only great for a job, but also for summer tutoring! If you’re interested in getting a head start on your test prep for the fall, contact Ivy Bound today.