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In response to Top Tier Admissions College Counselors Michele Hernandez and Mimi Doe, our founder Mark Greenstein wrote: Brown, Columbia and UPenn are the three elite schools now seemingly discouraging SAT Subject Tests. However, this is only the case for a small group of applicants. Students aiming for elite college admissions should always take multiple Subject Tests. Indeed, for strong students, a high SAT Subject Test score is the easiest college credential to attain – a one-hour test with relatively little study required.

At least two top-tier schools, Dartmouth and Bowdoin, will put more emphasis on Subject Tests this year. That is in part because they are less trustful of the New SAT and because of their respect for Subject Tests as a good national standard. Should more colleges come to distrust the “moving target” SAT, Subject Tests will rise in importance for them as well.

The charade that some colleges do to be politically correct and, in the process, not straightforward, is well described in a piece by esteemed College Counselors Michele Hernandez and Mimi Doe of Top Tier Admissions.