College is a transition into adulthood, as many kids leave their homes for the first time to pursue higher education. While your college years are meant to be fun, as you’re meeting new people and making lifelong memories, your academic success shapes your future. Your grades are contingent upon how you choose to manage your life once you’re out on your own. If you’re headed off to college in the fall, we have created a brief guide to managing your impending “real world” responsibilities to be a more successful student.

Physical Health

blog-collegeIt can be both overwhelming and dangerous to go from home cooked meals to the option of pizza at breakfast, lunch and dinner, but, as the saying goes, you are what you eat. If you throw vegetables out the window and eat unhealthily three meals a day, you are not going to feel your best. A decent diet is one of the keys to staying focused, which you’ll need to be.

The proper amount of sleep is also important to your academic performance. While it may sound like more fun to go out shopping with your new friends, schoolwork should come first. After all, it’s the reason why you’re in college! Waiting until the last minute and cramming the night before doesn’t provide your body with the rest it needs to be prepared.

Mental Health

Stress and depression are very common disorders among college students. The pressure put on you to succeed academically and socially is overwhelming, but depression can be avoided by dealing with stress properly. Every student will experience stress at some point, but setting your priorities straight will lessen the chance that you experience depression.

Time Management

Many students who enter their freshmen year of college think that they have a grasp on time management and academic planning, but soon find themselves struggling. Your parents will not be there to remind you of your homework and your professors are not going to spend time convincing you that it’s in your best interest to complete assignments. These responsibilities are completely on you in college, so it is critical to get accustomed to scheduling and to stay on track with your plan.

Making The Right Choices

An important lesson that every student should know before going to college is that every decision has a reward or a consequence. If you’re always faced with consequences, something needs to change! If you skip class one too many times, you could fail. In the workforce, if you’re unreliable, you will be fired from your job. Understanding the role that our choices play in the future will make you more likely to make the right ones.

Money Management

College is the perfect time to start building credit, but students with cards at their disposal could get into trouble. It helps your credit score to have a credit card, but not if you can’t make the payments. Understand that your promptness and financial stability have a direct impact on your credit score. It might not seem important as a college freshman, but your credit score is a major consideration with applying for loans and additional credit cards.

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