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Speedy Reading is both efficient and enjoyable. Getting through an assignment in half the time is enjoyable in itself. Creating time for something fun is inherently good for a child. Speedy reading is practical too, in this day and age almost no modern American adult has zero pressure for time. Speedy Reading gives us MORE time. We all can read more, play more, or just go to bed earlier.

To a small extent enlisting speed reading skills is work, which is what all students and most adults (until retirement) have to do. Getting through that work twice as fast, with no loss in comprehension, is our MINIMUM goal.

For those who love fiction, getting the “Work reading” out of the way faster leaves more time for fiction.

And for those who love fiction, using SOME of the speed-reading skills (yes, you can turn on the jets when you want) allows your fiction reading to go somewhat faster and remain enjoyable. Indeed, if you get through 5 books in the time it used to take for three, you just gained 66% more time to read more of the fiction you enjoy!

An easy first step to a LIFETIME of better reading is Ivy Bound’s course. Ivy Bound offers this online and face-to-face. They run 8 – 15 hours. We’ve had kids from ages 6 – 12 use it for pleasure, and teens age 13 – 17 use it for their school work. We’ve had college students, and recently a mature 50+ yr old use the course to help get through grad school.

For those in school, we combine Speedy Reading with some Study Skills that lead to:

  • better memorization
  • better note-taking
  • better exam prep
  • better test-taking
  • better paper-writing.

Consider using an upcoming week to create more enjoyment and more time for the rest of your life. Even if your improvement is only 50%, you will look back at this week of instruction as time VERY well spent.