This article is a continuation from Mark’s original post regarding Common Core.

Teacher_studentsThe most injurious aspect of Common Core is how a desire to help the weakest students is punishing ALL students. The roots of Common Core were to help those “left behind”. But these students were not left behind by a bad curriculum. Weak learning skills, weak motivation, and often teachers unprepared to handle their needs plague many students. A new curriculum and reams of testing address none of these deficiencies.

At BEST, NCLB could fix one of the three: the weak teaching. Even that was misguided. “Are our children learning?” can be diagnosed easily, without momentous testing, and without delays. Delays from two years of testing and another year or more of “professional” analysis mean weak students languish for three or more years.

At worst NCLB became a reward and punishment system, for ADMINISTRATORS, not students. Students were (and still are) taking standardized tests not for themselves, but for the sake of School Superintendents and professional education managers. Along the way, students with GOOD teachers have been subject to diversions, rote teaching and oodles of testing, rather than learning.

Common Core has some wisdom. But apply it only where students need it.

Mark Greenstein

Founder and Lead Instructor
Ivy Bound Test Prep