The PBS Kids show Reading Rainbow encouraged children to read for 21 seasons over 23 years. Today, the importance of reading can be overshadowed by technological advancements and the shortened attention span of most Americans. At Ivy Bound, we encourage students to develop good reading skills that will aid them into adulthood. Why is reading so important for children and young adults?

Reading Expands Your Vocabulary

blond woman reading a book in the grass A diverse vocabulary has many benefits, no matter what your age. As young children learn new words, the transition to more difficult books can be made easier. For high school students preparing for the SAT or ACT, a large vocabulary will help on the critical reading section. Having a bank of words at their disposal also helps students become better writers.

Reading Improves Your Writing Skills

As mentioned above, a strong vocabulary can help make any student a better writer. The more a student reads, the better understanding he or she has of sentence structure, tone and word usage. Even if you elect not to write the optional SAT or ACT essay, you will be writing papers for years to come throughout high school and college.

Reading Reduces Stress

According to a study by the University of Sussex, reading for as little as six minutes can reduce stress levels up to 68 percent! Especially for students going through the stressful college application process, anything to take your mind off things for a few minutes while still working your brain is encouraged.

Reading Helps Students Focus

When you’re immersed in a good mystery novel or compelling news article, the world around you melts away. For students who have trouble focusing, reading can improve attention span and overall productivity in school. If you can find a topic of interest, try setting aside time before or after school to explore it further.

Additional Benefits of Reading

Some college applications may ask you to identify your favorite book, author or describe how a certain story made an impact in your life. Although it can be hard to find time for “outside reading” with homework, sports and a job, make it a family activity! If everyone spends 20 minutes reading a night, you’re all expanding your knowledge bases together.

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