The SAT and ACT are major college exams – likely the most important tests of your life! Ivy Bound helps kids in their home, at their convenience. We also offer in-person and online classes. Students rarely learn what’s tested on the SAT in school today. It’s our job to prep them with practice tests and strategies to really improve their scores.

What Are the Benefits?

One, acceptance to the college of your choice. A score that’s 100 points better than the average of the college to which you apply, likely gets you in.

Two, parents are likely to save $90,000 or more over four years because colleges want meritorious kids. How do you show merit? Academic performance! When two students have similar grades, that 100 – 150 point higher SAT score could make the difference.

SAT Prep for College

When you do well on the SAT, how does that affect your college chances? You could potentially be placed in honors classes, which saves money on tuition costs.

Plus, you have the confidence from Ivy Bound’s test-taking to apply to your college testing. Considering how much more rigorous college work is than high school, this is highly beneficial.

Work with Ivy Bound

Our tutors teach to the test, so students know what to expect and are more prepared going into test day. No matter what you hear, the SAT is a coachable test. Success on standardized tests is not innate or something you’re born with; we routinely see students improve by 200 – 250 points in a five-month period.
If there’s anything we could all benefit from, it’s more time! Tutoring at home, at your convenience saves mom or dad from driving their students somewhere after school. Get started choosing the best tutor for you, today.