At Ivy Bound, we would like to let parents of sophomores and freshmen know their students should target the June SAT Subject Tests. Often, these tests are not discussed until its too late in high schools. What’s the benefit of taking a subject-focused exam this summer?

Show Your Expertise

One of the best ways to credential yourself for elite colleges? Show them your expertise on certain subjects on a national level. Kids can elect to take a biology-only test, physics, English, US History – whatever subjects they excel in! The exams last one hour each and students can take one to three on the same day.

To determine if you are ready, the SAT offers books that give you samples of these Subject Tests, so you can prepare with real practice materials.

Why the June Test Date?

We suggest targeting June because it’s an excellent time for freshmen and sophomores. You are coming to the end of your studies – you are likely studying for a final exam – and can use all that knowledge on early summer Subject Tests.

In the event you are unsatisfied with your score, there will be another to retake that subject in August. Your late spring study will also pay off for late summer! Students can visit the College Board to see when Subject Tests are available in their area. If you need help studying, Ivy Bound has been helping students achieve academic success since 2001.