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Many students benefit from tutoring clubs. A tutoring club is where serious students gather to get their work done AND have a tutor’s expertise when they are stuck.

Some tutoring clubs are more pro-active – they enlist a tutor to teach a certain agenda from scratch, or review a certain subject. Tutoring clubs in middle and high school include start-from-scratch topics:

  • Beginning Chinese
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Latin
  • Environmental Science
  • Astronomy
  • Anatomy
  • Economics
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Coding
  • Speedy Reading

At the high school level, tutoring clubs often include AP prep in the spring, helping each participant to earn a 4 or 5 on the AP Test. Some tutoring clubs help when there is a particularly daunting subject, or there’s a classroom teacher who is not addressing the subject well.

At the middle and elementary school levels, tutoring clubs help get students to do their assignments in an organized way. The students get outside help that doesn’t rely on their parents or older siblings. At a minimum, tutoring clubs assure that students are not distracted. We take away cell phones until the “study break”; and we assure parents that students using laptops are not using them frivolously. After an afternoon in a tutoring club, many students have completed their whole set of assignments, they take no work home; there is no back-pack accompanying them when mom or dad picks them up.

Families pay for the tutor’s time, but because it is split, the outlay is low. Thus a 15 student tutoring club means parents pay just a fraction of the cost of a tutor. Some students will use the tutor more and some will use the tutor less. The tutor decides when time is best spent one-on-one with a student, or with a small pod of students who are working on the same assignment and having similar difficulties.

If your school does not have a tutoring club, consider starting one this semester. Schools all have after-school space, and most will allow use so long as the custodians can do their work and the students leave the space untrammeled.

Once a club’s formation is under way, consider Ivy Bound. Ivy Bound has a bevy of tutors available after school. Where the school has an excellent teacher willing to do the extra sessions but needing a curriculum, Ivy Bound can provide a loose or tight curriculum for adept teachers and students to follow.