At Ivy Bound, we are dedicated to test preparation and academic tutoring. Our tutors have worked with students of all ages and skill levels to improve their college entrance exam scores and high school report cards. We know that tutoring can be beneficial to almost anyone, but there are many myths that give it a bad reputation. We debunk the following six to encourage more students to request tutoring when they need it.

Tutoring Implies Weakness

mythsWorking with a tutor in no way suggests that you are less smart than anyone else. Unfortunately, the remedial aspect of tutoring has a negative connotation. While we do work with students who have fallen behind in school, we also work with those who simply want to improve upon their overall skill level before the SAT or ACT.

Tutoring is for Little Kids

We are constantly learning throughout our lifetime. It is perfectly acceptable to ask for guidance beyond the elementary school classroom. In fact, Ivy Bound offers tutoring up to the graduate school level! Those students who seek a tutor to prepare for the GMAT, LSAT, MCAT or GRE are looking to receive the best score possible to secure their future.

Teachers Are at Fault

When a student K-12 or even at the college level requires tutoring, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the teacher is to blame. Certain teaching styles simply don’t mesh with particular learning styles and class sizes can be fairly large. As a parent, rather than accusing the teacher of being at fault, there should be no shame in locating a tutor for your child.

Lack of Qualified Tutors

In order to find the best tutors, you need to look in the right places. At Ivy Bound we have exceptional tutors, available to help in all subjects. Our test prep tutors have all scored in the top one percent and often retest to gain a hands-on understanding of any recent changes. Each tutor has a full profile on our website, so you can be sure that you’re in the best hands.

Tutors Give You the Answers

If the tutor is legitimate, he will not give a student answers without an explanation. The goal of our tutoring sessions is to help the student develop the skills necessary to come to a conclusion on her own. It may take several meetings, but the best part of the job for our tutors is seeing the lightbulb of understanding go off.

Tutoring Is Expensive

This is not necessarily true. Cost depends on the type of tutoring you’re seeking and how long you work with us. However, we do have a money back guarantee for those students who do not see an improvement in their test scores. On the other hand, our students have been awarded almost $70,000 in scholarship money, which makes everything well worth it.

Have you been convinced to seek out a tutor? Contact us today to learn about the prep classes and one-on-one tutoring that we offer.