Many parents express skepticism about enlisting their child with an online tutor. Here is why online tutoring is, for most students, the BEST option for test prep.

1. Students Are Already Used To Some Online Learning

Parents might not be so accustomed, but by 9th grade, the majority of students have learned online. It is not foreign to modern students, like it is to some older adults.

2. Student Schedules Are Often Most Important

Finding time for good tutoring during a busy week can be done online far more easily than having to negotiate a time for the tutor to travel to the student’s school, home or library.

3. Student Comfort With A Tutor Is Important Too

The online selection will always be broader than the selection of face-to-face tutors. For example, Ivy Bound has 45 active tutors this semester. In some places, a student has a choice of just one, two or three tutors. Online, the choice is far greater.

4. Online Pricing Will Be More Favorable For Parents

Ivy Bound offers parents a 20% reduction in the fee for each tutor. Furthermore, when assessing the group of online tutors, some will carry lower fees than others. Again, with 45 active instructors, one is almost sure to fit the situation you desire.

5. Pacing Is Often Done Best Online

If a student and tutor do not progress to a certain spot, they need not wait a whole week for a return visit. Most tutors can find an extra 30 minutes the next day to cover what was not reached.

Bottom Line: Ivy Bound measures the score increases of its students. For the past five years, the average increase between online students and face-to-face students has been nearly the same. In four of the years, online improvements were slightly higher.

Ivy Bound specializes in Test Prep. Its tutors have helped students for SAT, ACT, SSAT and ISEE since 2001.