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The Good News About a “Rigged” College Admissions System

Students who aspire to attend competitive colleges are rightly horrified by the thought that years of hard work to build one’s college credentials...

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Why & How to Study for AP Exams

At Ivy Bound, we help students prepare for their AP (Advanced Placement) tests, but students can also help themselves. Students who attend school until mid-June will likely...

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Improve Your Test Scores with Ivy Bound

The SAT and ACT are major college exams – likely the most important tests of your life! Ivy Bound helps kids in their home, at their convenience. We also offer in-person and online classes. Unfortunately...

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Why AP Tests Are Important

AP (Advanced Placement) tests help students enhance in college, based on their high school work. How do colleges know about your work in high school? A good score on the AP exams!

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SAT/ACT Prep for Sophomores

Many parents call us to ask about their ambitious sophomores. Is studying for the SAT or ACT now a good thing? Our answer is "probably". Ambition and willingness to work...

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