August is Back to School Month. While few kids are ready for summer vacation to end, school will be back in session before we know it. Unless your child was enrolled in summer school or participated in our summer tutoring program, chances are they haven’t done many educational activities over the break. If you’re worried about your child being unprepared to start school again, we offer a few tips to be ready for the big return.

Establish a Routine Early

After months of waking up before the sun rises, it is normal to let your child sleep in during the summer. Yet, it can be difficult to adjust from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. overnight. Rather than waiting until the night before school to change the alarm clock, set it a little bit earlier every week in August. It is better to have a cranky child who becomes adjusted to a routine before the start of school than one who doesn’t want to get up at all on the first day back.

Buy Supplies Sooner Rather Than Later

The reason for buying your supplies early is twofold. One, inventory gets raided, leaving you with little to no options for notebooks, folders and planners the week before school. Two, when you wait until the last minute, everything feels rushed. Your child will feel that summer has come to an abrupt end and will likely resent having to go to school. When you gently remind them the month before school starts, they have time to come to terms with it.

Start Reviewing Concepts

When students return to school after a two- to three-month summer vacation, many teachers are faced with a blank slate. Unfortunately, education isn’t exactly like riding a bike. You’re able to get on, but it takes time to re-exercise the brain after a long break. As a result, teachers are forced to review last year’s concepts for the first few weeks, which puts everyone behind. If kids took the time to refresh their memories, diving back into their studies would come more easily.

Get Your Child Excited for School

Lastly, being prepared to go back to school is largely about attitude. While no one wants the summer to be over, returning to school has more perks than your child might realize. Many kids don’t get to see each other over the break because of conflicting family vacations and camp stays. On the other hand, the long summer break can be boring for kids who have nothing to do. Going back to school in August will at least give them something to do!

If your child finds him or herself falling behind in school, consider Ivy Bound’s Academic Tutoring Center. Students K-12 can receive help studying for an upcoming test, on their homework assignments and projects Monday – Saturday.