Technology is not going away any time soon. In fact, it continues to consume What once was a fun pastime is now a necessity in our everyday lives. Our kids never get a break from it, not even during school hours. Textbooks have been replaced by e-books on tablets, more courses are becoming virtual and most lesson plans revolve around some form of technology. While the Internet and other evolution’s of technology have become great resources for us, some argue that it shouldn’t take over the traditional style of learning. Let’s explore the benefits and disadvantages of technology in school.



  • Preparation for the future: As technology continues to advance, understanding how different types work is going to be a required skill for many career paths.
  • Hands-on engagement: Kids are so familiar with and comfortable using technology that they will likely be more encouraged to interact in class.
  • Access to information: The Internet is full of information and the answers to most questions are right at your fingertips, updating with the latest in real time.
  • Motivation to learn: Learning becomes more exciting than reading a textbook or listening to a long lecture with no visual aids.
  • Students with special needs: There are so many tools available to accommodate this group, including voice recognition, voice-to-text speech and volume control.


  • Limitations must be set: The Internet is a helpful resource for students, but it also has inappropriate content on certain websites that would need to be restricted.
  • Social disconnect: Inside the classroom, students will be eager to learn through technology, but the argument can be made that it further attaches them to devices.
  • Easier to cheat: Let’s face it – some students are going to cheat on their tests and homework assignments. With a cell phone and an Internet connection, it’s simpler.
  • Teacher training: The teachers who didn’t grow up surrounded by technology are going to need to be taught how to use everything and evolve with the updates.
  • Lack of access at home: The school providing access to technology in school is one thing, but what if you can’t afford to buy your child a personal tablet for use at home?

The debate over technology replacing the traditional means of teaching in schools is a tough one to settle, but there are benefits and disadvantages to both sides of the argument. As parents or educators, we can attempt to prevent the downsides in favor of the pros!

No matter what the learning environment evolves into, some students will still need tutoring. To learn more about the benefits of our services, contact Ivy Bound today.