Following most SAT score releases, Ivy Bound gets, “What do I do now!” cries from students and parents. Here is some general advice for students who did not receive the best score.

Improving Your SAT Score the Second Time

  1. Know that you have several more chances to shine. Colleges will not hold a bad score against you when it’s replaced by a good score.
  2. Colleges do not average scores. This bad score, while it might stay on your record, is not averaged in with good scores. Colleges take the best scores students present at application time.
  3. College coaches may not be so patient. If you are a recruitable athlete who does not yet have scores that meet the coach’s standard, you may have to take action quickly. If you can enroll in tutoring that gets you well-prepped for the June SAT, good! If your prep needs to wait for the summer, let the coach know immediately that you remain eager to stay on her or his recruiting roster and, following tutoring, the coach can expect to see significantly higher scores.
  4. With Ivy Bound, students can expect to see 150 to 250 point improvements. The SAT is a coachable test. Our materials and our tutors are successful at coaching students to SAT success.
  5. If you did not work hard at test prep before this last test, you should expect that with diligence and good SAT coaching, your score will be far higher come fall. Indeed, the SAT is now offered August 26th, so your study and your testing need not intrude on your senior year school work or extracurricular activities.
  6. Ivy Bound is a still-small firm that can tailor the right tutoring to your needs. If that is for just one of the five SAT sections, our tutoring can be minimal. If help is needed on all five, it can be extensive. Contact one of our Test Prep Advisors to hear how we can help in the coming months.

Ivy Bound gives specific advice to our would-be clients. If you are new to the college admissions process, call or email us and let us know your scores, your past prep activities and your expectations. We can help design a sane study plan to propel your scores significantly higher.