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SAT Test Prep

We have a message for all students who may not love what’s tested on the SAT: It’s important! Studying for the SAT maximizes preparation and performance in college and beyond. A student’s ability to compete in college is enhanced by knowing a lot of things that are on the SAT.

SAT Practicality by Subject

What’s on the SAT can benefit you far beyond test day. Let’s take a look at the following sections.

  1. Verbal: The old-fashioned passages on the SAT improve overall reading skills. In college, you might get an English, History or History of Science class in which this kind of reading comes in handy. Even if your high school teachers don’t focus on this type of reading comprehension, it’s important to learn.
  2. Grammar: If you lack grammar skills, you may get downgraded by old-fashioned teachers in high school and new-fashioned teachers in college. Students have to master grammar in college and in life!
  3. Vocab: Although there is less vocabulary tested on the SAT now versus previous years, a better vocabulary helps you command daily conversations and impress your teachers!
  4. Math: SAT math is an important standard to colleges, so you have to do it – even when questions seem impractical. We want students to feel accomplished about what they’re doing for college admissions and scholarship opportunities that benefit the whole family.

Students, you are doing meaningful work! Hang in there and complete your SAT study with an Ivy Bound tutor.